Hiking At Wild Horses

Exhilarating hiking through the nature reserve.

Hikes in the Sterkfontein Nature Reserve - presented by Scotty Hawkins

The hikes & walks in our area require no mountaineering or rock climbing nor do they require any specialised equipment or fancy gear. All that is needed are decent walking boots or shoes. The hike & walks have been given a grading according to our area and to the degree of ease or challenge on a Scale of 1 - 10. 10 being the most challenging. The walks are easy walking it is only the length that determines the scale. The hikes are proper hikes. Scott has hiked & walked in this area regularly and is available to accompany anyone who wants to be guided.

Enjoy our outdoor experience.

  • The Waterfall Hike

    This hike can be described as a walk and a hike or both. The walk is 6 kilometres from the Bridge and back through the Babambonie valley, the turning point is a place where the hike begins at the Grotto.

    The walk & the hike together is a distance of 12 kilometres in total. The hike through the grotto is a very spiritual experience and leads one into a valley through which the river flows over a series of sparkling waterfalls and beautiful cascades. Each one of these can be accessed.

    This hike can be "there & back" along the same route or can be viewed from the game track in the surrounding mountains which offer spectacular views.

    One normally sees a variety of game such as Eland, hartebeest, zebra, & Mountain Reebok as well as Water mongoose & otters. One often sees Owls, Eagles, Secretary birds among other Predatory birds.
    The Co-ordinates of the 4th water fall are: Latitude: 2833'20.88"S / Longitude: 2858'51.41"E
    This walk is rated 6/10 & then the hike is rated 8/10 & should take you 2 hours.
    I hope you enjoy the hike as much as I did putting it together, Scotty Hawkins.

  • The Water's Edge Hike

    This hike starts from the Lodge & can be walked in either direction. At a leisurely pace this 4 km hike should take approximately 1 hour. The photos show some of the views one has when on this hike.

    The pump station is approximately half-way on this hike & is on the way to the where the lodge's boats are kept.

    One is a 40"ft Keel boat, named Golden City, she is an iconic boat in South Africa sailing history, as she was sailed by the owner of Wild Horses Lodge, in the Cape to Rio race, in '73 &'76, the boat has been restored to its former glory and will now be used as a floating room, that can be chartered by our guests. The other is a 29"ft imported Sea Ray Bow rider that can fit a dozen people on board. There are a variety of different species of fish in the dam, Carp, Catfish, Bandid Talapia, Yellow fish & Bass. For those who like to fly fish the Christmas Caddis fly is the one to use during the hot summer months.

    From the jetty the road takes you up to the boat houses & back to the lodge. Don't forget to take your water bottle, sun hat, put some sunscreen on if it is a nice sunny day. A cell phone is a must if you need to phone someone at the lodge, if you have a smart phone you may want to download the Endomondo app to your phone as well as Google Earth without Google Earth you won't be able to open the file that is inserted below. With these two apps you can track & trace your walk.
    This hike is rated 3/10.
    We hope that you enjoy this hike.

  • The Cauldron

    The hike to the Cauldron is a short very challenging hike. One ascends 200 metres through thick veld grass, trees & sometimes dense vegetation as one walks. This hike is accessed by the Sea Ray which is parked in a bay where the hike begins, as this hike cannot be accessed any other way. One is greeted by a waterfall once inside the Cauldron; this waterfall can be climbed using a rope to pull oneself upwards. The next waterfall a little further in, is "the Shower" & is wonderfully refreshing after the hike on a hot summer's day, this mountain temple is completely unspoilt & very few people know about or go there.

    The Eland go there to pray. In this area one finds a variety of raptors from Black Eagle, Bateluers & Gymnogenes as well as small buck that hide in the dense under growth; this hike is approximately 4 kilometre's long & takes about 2 hours.
    This hike is rated 9/10.