Sailing on the Golden City At Wild Horses

Breathtaking Golden City on the water

Sailing on the Golden City

Golden City is a yacht that has been raced extensively from the early seventies and competed in 3 Cape to Rio races, two of which Jon competed in as crew. The yacht has been completely restored and is based on the Sterkfontein Dam and offers luxury accommodation as well as the opportunity to go day sailing or enjoying lying at anchor and being surrounded by nature.

This intimate yacht can accommodate two passengers at a time and comfortable areas to relax during the day, a double bed and bathroom fitted with a shower. It will anchor far enough from the lodge for guests to enjoy complete privacy, yet close enough that the yacht can be serviced and meals served on board if required. Alternatively, guests can also choose to enjoy the cuisine served at Wild Horses Exclusive Mountain Lodge restaurant.

The yacht can be chartered in various ways depending on what sort of experience is desired.

Golden City
Golden City