• Summer Rain
    Summer Rain
    Summer has arrived with a bang and the temperature at the Lodge have recently been above 30 degrees. We wait impatiently for the summer rains
  • Golden Ctiy Launch!
    Golden Ctiy Launch!
    Golden city is finally restored , when the inboard motor finally arrived last month it was found to be unsuitable and will have to be
  • Chilly weather
    Chilly weather
    The cold fronts are sweeping into the Cape bringing welcome rain & reminding one why the Cape was named “ The Cape of Storms”. These
  • Game Update
    Game Update
    A decision was made to relocate the bulk of our Black wildebeest herd and a game capture company was employed to do this last week.
  • Winter Warmer
    Winter Warmer
    Easter has come and gone and the lodge has enjoyed its first fire in the lounge this year as the winter approaches and the weather
  • Strong start to 2019
    Strong start to 2019
    Summer at the lodge is slowly changing with the days getting shorter and nights longer as we approach another autumn. The festive season was enjoyed
  • New Beginnings
    New Beginnings
    Summer is here although one would hardly think so , with snow on the berg as recent as last week! The Lodge has welcomed both