Greener Pastures

It is never a good omen to wish that the rain will stop and go away. However this summer we have had more rain than I can remember with many undiscovered waterfalls appearing in the mountains.
Riding our horses in the veld now is very challenging excursions with the ground being saturated and water everywhere. The level of the Sterkfontein Dam has never been higher, and we recently built a clubhouse at the harbour which is now underwater.

Load shedding is once again happening regularly with Eskom experiencing endless problems. I decided that for peace of mind for myself and our guests at the lodge that we exit Eskom’s grid and go green. This we have now done and all we need now is the sun. This green energy certainly gives us a sense of peace and comfort not having to worry about when the next outage will occur.
Our guests can now relax and enjoy uninterrupted green power. What a pleasure!