Retelling of a Bushfire we had last year

Living on the mountain comes with advantaged and disadvantages, one of them being that bush fires can be a challenge. At the end of winter the felt grass is tinder dry and highly combustible. Last Saturday a gusting westerly breeze drove a veldt fire from Qwa-Qwa over the berg towards the lodge and our estate.

It became clear that all hands were needed and water trucks, beaters, bakkies were dispatched with haste. The fire become a monster and all efforts to tame it were futile and only by back burning was it possible to control some of it. Huge areas of the Nature Reserve were destroyed and although the experience was frightening the spectacle was absolutely fascinating rendering the night sky into a 100 different hues of orange and red, all of this kept by a brilliant full moon.

Whether vehicles could reach some areas of the veldt these were calmed and the fires extinguished. But the mountainous areas had to be left to burn themselves to completion. In the morning the devastation was heartbreaking to witness were thousands of hectares were blackened and any whisper of life had vanished. However the good news is that the spring rains are falling and soon this bleakness will once again become a vibrant green and will be the center stage for 100 of game to feed on the new shoots.