Summer Rain

Summer has arrived with a bang and the temperature at the Lodge have recently been above 30 degrees. We wait impatiently for the summer rains as the mountain streams have all but dried up and the veld is still wearing the colors of winter and the trees are covered with their new bright green spring leaves.

The continuing cold fronts in the Cape are still causing huge westerly winds in our area and the Dam becomes a sea of Wild white horses. The temperature of the water in the dam is steadily rising and now stands at 18 degrees and is being tested regularly by our guests who are eager to swim. The fly fishing season officially opened at the beginning of October and with the hot weather one can occasionally spot the odd yellow fish surfacing to feed. The early bird fisherman are already stalking their prey from the edge of the dam in the hope of the first of the season bite.

The Lodge is preparing for the normal influx of foreigners to our country who want to spend time in the sun at the dam and in the mountains.