Summer Time at Wild Horses Lodge

The last month of summer weather has been rather unpredictable this February.

We have gone from cold, windy and misty days, where the dam has completely disappeared, to absolutely gorgeous days with clear blue skies and the dam reflecting like a mirror.

We had a lovely lot of rain early on in the month, which means the surrounding veld and hills are lovely and green, the horses and antelope in the estate are enjoying the lovely greens that are on offer, and we have had some lovely wildflowers that have bloomed.

In bird news we we re fortunate enough to have a Malachite Sunbird pair make their nest in one of our rose bushes.

They had two chicks to start, but unfortunately, as it happens in nature, only one chick survived, it has now flown the nest and we still see the little family flying around the lodge catching insects and drinking nectar from our abundant flower garden.

The pair of Greater Stripe Swallows have returned to their nest and love to use the washing line as a perch.


Our King Protea tree is full of blooms at the moment and is looking truly regal.

We have also made use of our many rose bushes this month, as we have had a number of special anniversaries and birthdays celebrated in the wine cellar at the lodge.

And so begins the month of March and the beginning of autumn.

We are starting the month in a fabulous way, with a weekend wedding!