Vegetable Garden & the road to the Lodge

So here at Wild Horses Lodge we have renewed energy towards our vegetable garden, our plan is to make it self-sustaining for the lodge.

What could be better than a salad made with lettuce picked fresh from the garden or a rhubarb crumble made with rhubarb picked that morning!

So already established in the garden is a multitude of gooseberry bushes, raspberry bushes, an asparagus plant, chilli bushes, egg plants and a number of herbs. For the incoming autumn and winter seasons we have planted lettuce, beetroot, spinach, and red cabbage seedlings and sugar peas and broccoli seeds, which I am happy to say, have just started sprouting 🙂



In other news on the estate.

The other night as I was driving the staff back home, we came across a young jackal running in the road looking for dinner.

Jackals are medium-sized omnivorous mammals of the genus Canis, which also includes wolves, coyotes and the domestic dog (Wikipedia)

Many farmers will actively go out and hunt jackal to remove them from their lands as they can become an incredible nuisance as they kill livestock, especially new lambs and calves.

However, we like to see them on the estate as they keep our striped field mice population in check.

The antelope and horses have also been more noticeable around the lodge as the grasses have turned green.


And the road leading to the lodge has finally been graded, we have our highway back!

It is an absolute pleasure to drive on now, and with the rains and then the sun that we have had, is has baked the ground so it is smooth, with no soft sand and not too many loose stones and rocks to worry about.

We hope to see you at the Lodge soon!!

Time waits for no man or woman 🙂